Frontier Airlines stopping direct flights from Bakersfield to Denver

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Frontier Airlines is stopping their non-stop service flight from Bakersfield to Denver at the end of November.

Meadows Field had only announced that new route in May, but there are already talks of ending the direct service from Bakersfield to Denver.

According to an airport spokesperson, the route will continue from now until November 30, but will end after that date.

The spokesperson said the route could return in 2015, but they aren't completely sure yet.

Meadows Field said that Frontier Airlines will have to suspend that service because they are reorganizing their flight network and are adding 41 flights to their Cincinnati hub. That will affect their service across the country, including right here in Bakersfield.

If you have already booked and paid for a flight on Frontier, there will be no interruption until that service ends in November.

United Airlines has a direct flight to Denver as well.


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