Funds for building a new school now going toward portables at Panama-Buena Vista School District

School board rejects proposed boundary changes


"The board denied the proposed elementary attendance areas, that's gone," Keith, Wolaridge, President of the Board of Trustees at Panama-Buena Vista School District, said.


It was those words that parents could let out a sigh of relief after petitioning and voicing their concerns over the Panama-Buena Vista School District's proposed boundary changes for the upcoming school year.


"I just don't want to feel rushed into my vote tonight," Dee Whitley, a trustee, said.


However, it wasn't just board members who felt rushed to re-draw school boundaries.


"An administrator from the district stated that parents had information about these boundary changes since November of last year and that is an outrageous statement at best," one parent said.


The district set aside money to build a new school by 2015, but now they have to spend about 1.5 million dollars on building portables to alleviate overcrowding next year.


Superintendent Kip Hearron is vacating his seat this year, making the overcrowded classrooms a long-term problem.


"I would have rather gone out peacefully. It would have made it a lot of easier on me. My sleep would have been a lot better, but it's not about me," Hearron said.


The board will discuss a timeline for what's to come at their next meeting on May 28th.


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