Gang related prosecution numbers up in Kern County

According to BPD, gang shootings still high

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Kern County District Attorney along with gang related crime prosecutors announced that gang related crime convictions were up in the Kern County area, Thursday. 

According to the DA, the conviction rate is up 10 percent from 2012. 

"For the gang unit, I am here to tell you that their conviction rate for the first 6 months of 2013 was a fantastic 92 percent," said Lisa Green, Kern County District Attorney.

Although the conviction rate has gone up, the Bakersfield Police Department said gang related shootings still remain high.

According to the BPD, there have been 32 gang related shootings in 2013, so far. 

The most recent shooting was outside of a marijuana dispensary. According to newly released court documents, the suspect, Aaron Burris, is said to have gang relations. 

Green said as long as gang related crimes keep rising, so will the added man power to the prosecution team. 


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