Garces Memorial High School incorporates iPads in the classroom

Each student will have their own tablet

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Each student at Garces Memorial High School will soon have an iPad at school. Parents and administrators came together Tuesday to talk about how an iPad could enhance their students' education.

After observing tablets being used in classrooms at schools in San Diego and Phoenix, the school decided it was time to make the switch themselves. The iPads will replace most text books, pens and paper in the classroom. Students will also have a wireless connection throughout the school to do homework and turn in assignments.

Dorothy Sullivan, a parent at Garces Memorial High School, welcomes the new change.

"Instead of running away from technology, we should embrace it because whether we like it or not, it's here."

School officials said there will be a technology fee to help cover the costs of the new tablets, but each device will be insured through AppleCare and will cost the students 50 dollars if their device is damaged.

Garces plans to have the new iPads in each student's hands by next year.

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