Gas going missing from Bakersfield cars and trucks, theft on the rise, police said

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Gas thefts are on the rise around Bakersfield, according to Sgt. Joe Grubbs from the Bakersfield Police Department.

Thieves are using multiple methods, including siphoning, drilling holes in gas tanks and cutting fuel lines to extract the gas from cars.

"This is really one of those situations where we need the public's help in order to stop the problem," said Sgt. Grubbs.

Police say they usually see an uptick in these thefts as the price of gas goes up.

Josh and Emily Mouton noticed thieves had drilled a hole into their gas tank this week.

"When I went to go move my trunk all the gas came spilling out onto the driveway and into the street," said Josh.

The Moutons pay about $130 to fill up , but will now be paying up to $1,500 to fix the gas tank.

"It's just frustrating with the prices of gas going up and now having to pay to get the truck fixed," said Emily. "You would hope people would respect your property."


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