Gas prices expected to increase for Kern County drivers

Average price per gallon: $4.05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Tensions in Iraq and a new emissions law in California could continue to increase prices at the pump. 

The average price per gallon in Bakersfield was $4.05, this week, but the bang to your wallet could soon be getting worse. 

"24 percent poverty levels, double digits unemployment throughout the San Joaquin valley..this is not the time to raise gas price at such extreme levels in California," Assemblymember Kristin Olsen said. 

AB 32, also known as Cap and Trade, allows the state to charge companies who pollute the air including the oil producers in Kern County. 

"It's a hidden gas tax because its directly attributable to this new regulation," said Olsen. 

Although refineries already have to pay the state, under the new law, suppliers who deliver fuel to gas stations will also have to pay. That cost will eventually be passed on to the consumers. 
The law goes into effect January 2015 and experts believe prices could raise by 12 cents immediately after. 
Another problem contributing to the rising cost in gas prices is the current tensions in Iraq. Iraq continues to be one of the largest oil producers in the world. 
Nationally gas prices average nearly $3.66 and if tensions continue to rise experts believe by the end of summer pump prices will increase by 10 cents. 
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