Gas prices in Bakersfield up 20 cents since last week, double digit increases around California

Gallon of regular averaging $3.78 in Bakersfield


The price for a gallon of regular gas in Bakersfield jumped 20 cents compared to last week. 


That spike even surprised the Automobile Club of Southern California.


"I was pretty shocked when I saw it up 20 cents in just a matter of a couple of days," said Chere Smith, Bakersfield AAA branch manager. "So absolutely (AAA) members and the public definitely notice a big spike like that when they go to the pump. Especially if they only fill up once a week or so." 


The average price in Bakersfield is $3.78, 10 cents higher than a year ago at this time. 


Around this time last year the price per gallon started rising and didn't stop until it was around $4.30 a gallon in March and $4.64 in October


Some consumers don't like it, but can't really do much about it as they have to drive. 


"I try to drive less, but like I said I live out of Bakersfield, so there isn't a whole lot that I can do," Anna Poggi said. "There is no rapid transit between Wasco and Bakersfield. That is the problem with the valley. There is no rapid transit." 


AAA gives a few reasons for the recent increase.


"Right now the refineries are down for maintenance in preparation for using the summer fuel, we have Middle East tension," Smith said. "Financial market managers find oil as a very good product for their investors so there is a lot of money coming into the supply line for that, keeping the prices high."


Other places around the state also saw double digit increases compared to last week. 


Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside - San Bernardino and Ventura all saw increases of more than 10 cents. 


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