Gas station owners complain of losing squeegees

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - You may look at them at the gas station convenience, but to the homeless, squeegees are a tool for survival.

The average person might take a gas station squeegee for granted thinking they'll always be there. However gas station owners go through a great deal to make sure they're there their customers who need them.

Those gas station squeegees are a target for homeless people to use to make a buck.

The AMPM gas station on Stine Road and Ming Avenue goes through about 80 squeegees a week.

"We usually put one everyday in each bucket and they just take them away," said Maria Revles, manager.

Revles said they have to constantly replace squeegees that are stolen by the homeless and they even have a box of squeegees stockpiled in the back room.

"Whenever I go to the mall or a shopping center, I always see a guy with his squeegee asking me to clean my windows," said Manny Guerrero.

Revles said she doesn't know if there's an easy fix to the problem. They like to keep the squeegee there as a convenience for the customers. On each of their water buckets there's a sign that says please do not remove the squeegee from the premises. 


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