GET Bus driver helps two of his customers who are stranded because of the strike

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The GET Bus strike has taken away the only transportation thousands of people depend on, but one GET Bus driver is making sure two of his elderly customers still get where they need to go.

"She doesn't have anyone to take her anywhere, she's kind of stranded," said Scot Knoy.

Knoy has been driving a GET Bus for more than six years. Ever since the strike started, he has been using his personal car to drive Theresa Adams and another elderly customer places like shopping and the post office.

"She rides my bus all the time, and I have gotten to know her over a long period of time," said Knoy. "She's not just a customer who rides my bus, she's my friend."

Adams doesn't have a car and has to use a walker. She said ever since the strike that her independence has been taken away. Knoy has helped her to get some of that back.

The strike has added a burden for Knoy. He hasn't gotten paid since it started, but that hasn't stopped him from helping out someone else in need.

"I might as well do something during the day," said Knoy.

"I am very grateful for Scot.. I don't know how I'd be getting around right now," said Adams.

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