GET bus riders concerned over plans for employees to strike next week

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Bakersfield residents who depend on the GET bus to get around may soon be looking for a new ride.

Union employees are planning to strike on Tuesday if employees and GET can’t agree on a new contract.

Golden Empire Transit District has been negotiating a new contract with local union #517 since January 2014. The current contract extension will end on Tuesday, July 15th, which is the same day the union plans to strike.

"At this point we're in a kind of wait and see mode,” said Gina Hayden, District Spokesperson for GET.

GET bus riders 23ABC spoke to say they depend on the bus service and are hoping the issue is resolved soon.

“I don't drive so I'm going to have to walk or find different transportation. I'm hoping there isn't a strike because it would suck,” said GET bus rider Eduard Cabrera.

“I depend on the bus service daily. I don't have a car. It's hot out here. They have air. I have to get from A to B,” said GET bus rider Marlo Chacon.

Hayden could not disclose specifics on contract negotiations. Hayden also told 23ABC there are no meetings scheduled between now and Tuesday for the two sides, but that doesn’t mean GET isn’t open to setting one up.

"GET officials are willing to go back to the table at any time,” said Hayden.

23ABC did reach out to the union for comment. A representative isn't available until Monday.

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