Girl scouts in Taft collecting items from the community to aide U.S. Military men and women

Next collection scheduled for September

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Military men and women are deployed to about 150 countries worldwide, serving the U.S. while being so far away from home.

Izabella Rose, 10, has one wish and that's to bring joy to the many men and women serving the U.S. military overseas.

"This weekend we've been collecting tooth brushes, tooth pastes, sanitizers, foot powder and soaps," she said.

Rose is part of Girl Scout Troop 2155 out of Taft.  The girls are organizing Operation Deployment.  They're making sure soldiers are being well taken care while in combat.

"It's important to all of us as girl scouts in our troop, especially the ones overseas. They are over there, fighting for us. We can do something for them in return," said organizer, Michele Owens.

The troop has set up shop at the Taft Chamber of Commerce parking lot where their mission is to collect as much items as they can for service men and women.

"A lot of people don't realize that overseas you don't have a lot.  You're given the bare basics so when people donate to soldiers overseas they get better food, better products and better things so, they can sleep knowing they're taking care," said Timothy Casteel, who is preparing for boot camp next month.

Volunteers walk to area businesses and pass out flyers so that everyone knows exactly how they can get involved.

The Girl Scouts have created a list of items they plan to collect for their adopted platoon.

"We just took non-perishable items, stuff that we take for granted to help them relax and have fun so they don't have to worry about it. They can go out and support us and defend our freedom and not worry about the small things," said Brad Rofkahr, who is preparing for boot camp next month.

So far Operation Deployment has been a success, but more items are needed.  The troop plans on another collection next month.  

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