UPDATE: Golden Empire Transit District workers on strike

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - UPDATE: As of 12:01am Tuesday, over 250 GET employees are on strike and picketing outside of the GET Headquarters on Golden State Highway and F Street from dawn till dusk.  They are also picketing outside of the downtown GET station.

Bus route service in Bakersfield is suspended, and the level of service provided in the coming days will depend on the number of employees reporting for work.  So far no drivers have shown up for work

"It's really up to the union to come back to the table.  There are offers from both sides," says Gina Hayden, GET spokesperson.

Union officials failed to reach negotiations with Golden Empire Transit over a four-percent pay raise and decided to end negotiations on Sunday night.

Before the strike, full-time drivers were making $22.23 an hour, with part-time drivers at $14.81.

Teamsters Local 517 members were asking GET officials for a four-percent raise.

Workers out on the picket line will be paid from the Union approximately $200 a week.

GET officials report about 20,000 people boarding daily, and more than six million people using the service a year.

During the strike, GET will provide GET-A-Lift paratransit service to those customers dependent on public transportation for serious medical needs. Fixed route service may be suspended. 

GET will provide regular updates on its webpage www.GETbus.org.

Hayden says there have been no talks scheduled to end the strike.


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