Golden State Mall shutdown leaves customers, tenants in turmoil

Golden State Mall closed on June 27

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Two days after Golden State Mall was shut down, the manager of the property is speaking out about what she knew, and how the shutdown was handled. 

"He is in bankruptcy and he is being covered by bankruptcy, so basically what I'm telling them is I can help them as much as I can," said Claudia Oliveros, the manager at Golden State Mall.

Oliveros had been managing the property for about two and-a-half years. She told us she didn't know the power had been turned off on Thursday, until she showed up to work.

"Initially, I was already told what to do in the event that we had no power," Oliveros said, "so as an employee here that's exactly what I'm doing."

But according to Oliveros, what she did was only meant for temporary circumstances. Customers who booked events at the Mall told 23ABC they've now been left without answers. 

"I tried calling her and there's no answer, so that's just upsetting," said customer Amanda Lascano. She said she put down $3,600 for her wedding, which was supposed to take place in October. 

"It was very devastating that they took our money, you know, it's money I'm not going to get back," Lascano said.

But it's not just customers who are dealing with the consequences. 

Christina Valdez owns "Evil Eye Tattoo and Piercing." Valdez told 23ABC that rumors were circulating for several weeks that the mall would shut down. 

"They're trying to be nice about it, but it's just kind of hard," she said. "It's sad for people who didn't get their stuff out on time."

People are now hoping to get some answers in a shutdown they said "caught them by surprise."

"I know it hurts. I know it's difficult. But again, that's why I'm trying to help out as much as I possibly can," Oliveros said. 


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