Gosford Road construction keeping many awake but may end sooner than later

Shell Oil Company is replacing a petroleum pipeline on Gosford Road from Panama Lane to White Lane that is keeping many residents awake at night. 

The project began earlier this year.  Shell planned on finishing the project by the end of April; however, they are ahead of track and at this rate will be off Gosford road by mid-March.

Several timeframes were evaluated when deciding what times to operate and the city and Shell came to an agreement to work from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. to avoid traffic issues during the day.

However, many people living around the area can hear the construction throughout the night and it bothers them when trying to sleep because of the noise and the lights. 

The City of Bakersfield has received multiple complaints from homeowners about the disruption.

Shell has taken measures to reduce the noise level during construction.  For instance, they layer the truck beds with dirt so when they place asphalt in the trucks it muffles the sound.

In addition, the Construction Superintendent sends out an inspector every time the guys are working to ensure that things are cleaned up and the roads are safe to travel on come daytime.

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