Government, private sector still fighting poverty problem in areas like Oildale

OILDALE, Calif. - Fifty years ago President Lyndon B Johnson, during his State of the Union address declared war on poverty in the United States.

The Community Action Partnership was established 49 years ago as a direct result on that flight.

The US poverty rate has dropped from 26 percent in 1964 to 16 percent today, thanks in particular to a variety of food aid programs and tax credits.

Oildale is just one of many areas in Kern County where a large number of residents are living in poverty.

Jim Faulkner lives on Beardsley Avenue in Oildale and says he sees poverty everyday.

"I don't think were winning the war, I think it stems from the entitlement generation not willing to work," said Faulkner.

The Coalition Against Hunger says a total of 25 major cities every ported that request for food assistance or the number of homeless had gone up within the past year.

There are several churches in Oildale that offer free food assistance programs regularly.

Organizers believe that is not strictly up to the government to help people in need.

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