Group advocating ordinance on parking in front of a bus stop

Unsafe for handicap bus riders to aboard bus

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A local group has been advocating to pass a city wide ordinance to make it illegal to park in front if a bus stop.

Many in the disabled community said when you park in front of a bus stop that makes it unsafe for them to get on or off a bus.

On any given day you can find a bus having to double park because a car took the space in front of the stop.

The group met before the city council at the beginning of the year to voice their concerns and the city did take some action.

The city adopted a no parking zone and placed signs in front of three bus stops, however, with just under 700 stops in the city, the disabled community said that's not enough.

GET bus officials as well as the disabled community want the curbs in front of each stop painted red, but that is something the city said is not cost effective.

In the mean time, the independent living center is asking everyone to think twice before taking the space in front of a bus stop.


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