Group aims to help Oildale's homeless

Homeless population increases in Oildale

OILDALE, Calif. - According to recent census reports, homelessness has been declining across the county. However the homeless population in Oildale continues to grow.

 The Church Without Walls in Oildale hosted a community meeting to find a solution to the problem.

 Several churches along with business and community leaders met Friday to start a dialogue to get a handle on the homeless problem in the area.

 One of their main concerns is for the homeless on the river.

Group leaders said, during the last several months there has been dozens and dozens of newly erected tents and shelters along the river.

 The group is looking ahead to when that part of the river will flow with water and wants to find proper ways to help these people get their lives back on track.

 The Bakersfield Police Department regularly enforces camping restrictions on the river to remove the homeless.

However, many Oildale residents say that is not a remedy to the problem, because after a few days, they're back.

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