Group helps veterans take a special flight down memory lane

Around 80 veterans participated in the flight


Area veterans are getting a chance to go down memory lane as they get a trip of a lifetime.

This special flight aboard an original C-47 is giving about 80 veterans from Kern County a chance to rekindle memories and re-live our nation’s history.

For the first time in sixty years, veterans ages 84 to 97 are climbing aboard a C-47 Gooney Bird Transport Plane.

"It was quite an experience because this was the first airplane I ever flew in 42 so; it's really something to fly again," said veteran Miles McKnight.

The C-47 is flying into Bakersfield from the Paso Robles War Birds Museum just for honor flight veterans, a handful that recently went to our nation's capital.

Organizers of the event say the plane was termed one of the most vital pieces of military equipment used in winning world war two.

"The plane is used for cargo mainly.  They used it for parachuting, all kinds of things, but it’s like an old model.  It's always running," he said.

Veteran, Marvin Smith says the plane inside is amazing, although not suited for many passengers.

"It's not comfortable no. It's hard seats and of course the cabins aren't pressurized.  It can get hot and cold. It was interesting," said Smith.

Epic Air Center donated gas and landing fees while local businesses gave as well in order to make this trip memorable for the veterans.

"We just wanted to do it because we care and it's a way to give back," said Erin Posey of Epic Air Center.

Leaders say the group of travelers are also getting a chance to meet other veterans and share their experiences of their past.

"I just love to see everyone and hear the stories and meeting everyone and it's just a nice thing to do for the community," she said.

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