Group of students volunteering to clean-up Wasco community

Weekend event is part of Keep Kern Clean


An army of young people looking to make a change in the community hit the streets of Wasco this weekend with gloves and black bags on hand.

Fabian Ramirez is shocked at all things he's finding around his community.

"I can't believe our city, Wasco, California can be so much full of trash," said Ramirez.

Ramirez is walking through neighborhoods with classmates from Thomas Jefferson Middle School, hoping to change the image of his hometown. 

"Throwing your trash in the street, that ain't right. There's people that throw it, I mean you have a trash can, why not just do that, you're destroying the environment by throwing your trash on the floor," said Ramirez.

The students are volunteering for "Keep Kern Clean," a program aimed at improving the county's quality of life and a project that's sending a strong message to people in Kern County.

"We have to keep our Earth clean," said 8th grader, Marvela Santos.

The program is helping county leaders reduce the amount of illegal dumping and giving young people a real life lesson.

"It's important that not only do we get out and do it, but it also instills some of the younger people the sense of pride in their community," said Kern County Supervisor, David Couch.

Leaders with "Keep Kern Clean" also use the event to educate people on how trash can be properly disposed and what items are accepted at the landfill.

"Bad things start to happen the worse a community starts to look and if you keep your neighborhood looking good, good things happen to it," he said.

Organizers plan on continuing the clean-up effort by holding even more events just like this throughout the year.

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