Group of teens giving back to the community and helping homeless people in Kern County

Teens collect items for people in need

BAKERSFIELD - A group of local teens are working together this weekend, bringing comfort to many homeless people around Kern County.

The help comes just as some centers are experiencing a drop in donations.

Phillip Ellsworth has spent the last few weeks waiting for this moment.

"I just try to think about what people would need on a daily basis, something that I would feel if I didn't have," he said.

More than 75 youth from Kern County collected items for the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter.  It's a project they came up with to help some people get through the upcoming holidays.

"Everybody was bringing in their donation of food and clothing and just other items the less fortunate would need," said Ellsworth.

About two-hundred people use the Bakersfield Homeless Center every night and the donations coming in from these high school students will be passed out to those in need almost immediately.

"They are putting their beliefs into action. I think they are going to be wonderful leaders of tomorrow.  I mean, they’ve done this on their own.  They've decided on their own that this is a worthy project, they went forth and they have produced wonderfully for us," said Jason Meek, who works with the Bakersfield Homeless Center.

The teens are learning to be examples of goodness through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They're goal this fall is to provide assistance to people facing unprecedented economic difficulty.

"I think it’s important because they can have a dream and a life too, to be able to do other things not just have to worry about what they are doing to eat for dinner or where they are going to be, tomorrow or if they have clothes for their back," said volunteer, Alexis Phillips.

The teens have participated in past service projects, giving back to several groups around the community.

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