Group passes through Bakersfield to talk immigration reform

'Keeping Families Together' tour stops in town

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - An organization urging lawmakers to enact a new immigration process is bringing its message to Bakersfield.  Advocates have traveled all around the state on bus talking to local residents and elected officials.  The group wants to give political leaders a personal look at how the issue is impacting families nationwide.

It's an issue being expressed by hundreds of people in central Bakersfield.

“We're tired of playing politics.  Look at these families, they are suffering.  They are being broken.  Families are being deported and children are being left alone here in the U.S.," he said.

Daniel Jimenez of Taft is taking part in California's "Keeping Families Together," bus tour, a campaign urging lawmakers for a new immigration process that includes a road map to citizenship for the approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants.

"It's like you and me.  It's like any other person in the U.S.  We have big dreams and big aspirations and we just want to make those dreams come true," said Jimenez.

The tour will travel 20,000 miles and end in the nation's capital where hundreds of families plan to meet with senators and house members.

Advocates marched at congressman Kevin McCarthy's office, hoping the republican house majority whip can lead the effort within the GOP.

“We are responsible people and workers.  We are not criminals.  We pay taxes.  We contribute to the economy.  We’ve made our lives here,” said Mariagena Lopez, who spoke in front of the crowd.

Leaders with the tour hope similar rallies can motivate lawmakers to soon pass an immigration reform so undocumented individuals they say can live their lives without fear.

Erica lomeli: "There has to be a fair system.  We understand there's going to be background checks.  There's going to be fees.  There's going to be other requirements as paying their taxes, learning how to speak English, a lot of these people already do that," said Erica Lomeli.


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