Group puts up money tags on trees in Downtown Bakersfield to display community benefits

Trees tagged along Eye Street in Downtown

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - As a part of a new initiative to bring more trees to Bakersfield, a group of volunteers has hung large money tags on some Downtown Bakersfield trees.

According to the Downtown Business Association president Cathy Butler, "they basically are showing what the investment back to this community and what this tree brings."

The project is called Invest From the Ground Up, overseen by California Urban Forests Council and their partners, who got a $400,000 grant from CAL FIRE and the U.S. Forest Service.

Bakersfield is one of the five cities in California that was chosen for this project and the Downtown Business Association says it will help our businesses. 

""We want to bring the property values up Downtown, and trees in Downtown and Investing in From the Ground Up can do that," said Butler. 

Critics of the initiative have have made their mark. Someone wrote on one of the tags on a camphor tree on Eye Street "My taxes bought this drivel?"

The organizations of the initiative have a simple answer to that-  that the investment to the community far outweighs the monetary investment. 

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