Group raising awareness and pushing for peace on the streets


Community leaders came together for the Mission of Hope Rally.

The event helps spread the message of love and prayer, as it prepares young people for the future.

"If you need some help, if you need some prayer, if you need someone to talk to, we're right here. We just came out here to bless you guys and to let you know that we love you," said a volunteer taking part in the event.

Operation Soul Winner is reaching out to the community asking people in every neighborhood, in every part of Kern County to help make a change.

"We're here to promote stopping the violence to try to save lives and bring healing and hope to the situation here," said Ray Ballard of Operation Soul Winner.

Leaders with the group are asking young people to take the pledge, to never join a gang and never commit to violent acts.

"Unless someone gets involved in their life, they may be falling by the waste line. Every child has a dream. Every parent has a dream for their child so we believe in spreading the message that lives can be saved and lives can be changed," he said.

The anti-violence rally includes children's activities, motivational speakers and a chance to remember those lost to the violence around the community.

"This is a rough neighborhood and I know it and we got to break that cycle, that generational curb and that's why we're out here," said Rodney Washington of Victory Outreach.

Area agencies are also part of the rally, helping educate families on the various programs and services available to them.

"Well, I think it’s important to get the community back out to show that there are some agencies that care," said Isaiah Crompton, director of Stop the Violence.

The rally to stop the violence is funded through private donations and the group uses its truck to get the message across city streets.

"This is good. This is a good thing right here. This is what's needed, more community communication, networking with each other,” said neighbor, Nelson Dale.


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