Group rallies for more GMO labeling

Californians for GE food labeling want state assembly members and senators to step up and start legislation in 2014 to require labeling of genetically engineered foods.

Proposition 37, a ballot measure requiring all genetically modified foods to be labeled lost by a narrow margin last November.

“It'll allow mothers, and fathers and all of us to make choices about the food that we make. Transparent choices, right now we're being fed a lot of stuff that we have no idea what's in our food. And so we are taking this one issue because it’s important to us and saying that we believe we have a right to know that's a little bit stronger than just kind of like a oh gee we should know. It’s like we have a right to know what we're buying. We have a right to buy our food in a transparent sort of way," said Pamm Larry, Northern California Director of Label GMOS.

Organizers hope now that there's more awareness of genetically modified foods, more people will demand change. The food labeling group's goal is to push for legislation to label GMO's  in food for this legislative session.

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