Group tackles Kern River corridor

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A local group is taking it upon themselves to prevent any further damage to the Kern River corridor caused by campers who have trashing the area and abusing the environment.

Keepers of the Kern is holding a clean up day event Saturday.

Every Saturday, they get together to pick up trash, clean up campsites and get rid of spray paint and other graffiti left behind.

The group is made up of people who are dedicated to protecting, restoring and preserving the delicate environment surrounding the river.

On Saturday, they will be teaming up with the Bureau of Land Management and cleaning up the Keyesville special recreation management area.

They are asking anyone who would like to take part--- to meet them at the large trash container at the site at 11 a.m. and they will be cleaning up until 2 p.m.


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