Guitarist Pete Huttlinger has simple message for anyone going through tough times

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - One of the country's most well-respected guitarists played a show in Bakersfield Sunday at American Sound Studios.

He also held a private session for former foster youth, families of wounded warriors and others. Huttlinger opened up about his own personal struggles to the audience.

The guitarist dealt with depression in his family, a severe heart condition and suffered a near-fatal stroke. He was paralyzed for some time and didn't know if he'd ever be able to play the guitar again.

Huttlinger held the private session in hopes to spread a simple message to anyone going through tough times. His simple two word message is to "live well."

"Don't just sit on the couch, get up, read a book, learn to cook, learn a foreign language," said Huttlinger. "Just make the most out of your life."

The whole event was put on in partnership with American Sound Studios and Covenant Coffee.

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