Gun fire erupted at pot rally in Denver leaving two people injured

Two people were hurt and taken to the hospital

DENVER, Colo. - Gun fire erupted at the pot rally in Colorado Saturday around 5 p.m.

The crowd bolted from the area at the annual 4/20 marijuana celebration in Denver. 

Two people were hurt and taken to the hospital but police say the injuries did not appear to be life threatening. 

Denver police tweeted that they initiated road closures. One person at the rally explained that no one knew what to make of it. 

"There was just a lot of people running. Lots of people had different ideas what was happening, some people were yelling explosion, some people were yelling gunshots. We couldn't tell if it was coming from the stage or from the side because there were so many people literally just running at people. Everybody was just sitting on the grass laying around so it was really kind of shocking," said Kyle a rally participant.

The crowd was expected to reach 80-thousand people, police are still investigating.  

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