Half of state Propositions decided, other half too close to call

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Here is a look at the ten California state Propositions. 

Prop 30 would raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year. There would also be a sales tax increase for everyone. As of midnight the race was too close to call with the vote split evenly at 50-50. Governor Jerry Brown warns if 30 doesn't pass there will be deep cuts in education and other state programs. 

Prop 31 would allow the state to move to a two year election cycle. At midnight Prop 31 was losing 59% to 41%. 

Prop 32 would prevent unions from using payroll deductions for political purposes. It is losing as of midnight. 

Prop 33 would change California's auto insurance laws, but it is being defeated. 

Prop 34 would have repealed the death penalty in California but it is losing 55 to 45 percent. 

Prop 35 will strengthen penalties against people convicted of human trafficking. The Associated Press says 35 has passed. 

Prop 36 will change what some call the harshest three strikes law in the country. The AP says 36 passed. 

Prop 37 would force manufactures to change labeling on genetically engineered foods. At midnight Prop 35 was losing. 

Prop 38 was an opposing tax increase to Prop 30. The AP says it was defeated. 

Prop 39 will close a corporate tax loophole and will generate an estimated $1 billion for California every year. The AP reports 39 passed. 

Prop 40 has passed according to the AP which means the voting districts drawn by the citizen's commission will continue to be used. 

These results will continue to be updated on our website throughout the night and we will have the latest results on Good Morning Kern County.

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