Halloween tradition back in Bakersfield with a new twist

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A local production company brought a very old tradition back to Bakersfield with a spooky twist this Halloween.

CC Productions bought Scream in the Dark eight years ago and decided to start it up again in Bakersfield this year.

“Now we’re going back to a traditional haunted house with werewolves and monsters. We’ve gone back to the basics and condensed it. We have taken all these things we have learned over the years and made a powerful expression with this maze,” said David Enloe, Owner of CC Productions.

Enloe told 23ABC he grew up in Bakersfield and has a great local crew and friends. Each member of the crew is a true professional. From sound to lighting and costume to makeup, each plays an important role in bringing the haunt to life.

"This is movie quality stuff. The stuff that's done in this maze is absolutely amazing."

The best makeup artists in the movie industry travel from Los Angeles to Kern County to help turn crew members into horrifying monsters for the haunt.

“It gives me creative freedom and a good time outside of the movie industry where you have to worry about continuity and everything being perfect,” said freelance makeup artist Heather Grippaldi.But, just because it’s not perfect doesn’t mean it’s any easier.

"We are using all different types of prosthetics, foam, latex and silicon masks. It's a long process."

Grippaldi told 23ABC it can take a couple of days to finish one piece for a character and that doesn't include the application process, but the payoff is well worth it.

"Being in the makeup trailer while the haunt is going on is really fun and exciting because you can hear everyone going through and screaming. That’s the whole thing we’re trying to scare people and give them a good time.”

CC productions travels to Las Vegas and Los Angeles to entertain people with haunted attractions.

Scream in the Dark will now be back in Bakersfield for good and the team is working to build the maze indoors next year.

Tickets are $10 and there are coupons at Sonic and Carl’s Junior.

For more information on CC Productions and the tickets visit http://www.screamhauntedhouse.com/index.php

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