"Have a Heart Humane Society" chooses three young students to include in their upcoming book

Proceeds from book will benefit local animals

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Chelley Kitzmiller runs "Have a Heart Humane Society" in Tehachapi. The non-profit organization takes in unwanted animals and is working hard to reduce the animal overpopulation issue in Kern County.

To help raise funds, Kitzmiller decided to turn to her local community and create a book. The book is called "Touched By a Furry Angel: True Stories of Rescued Pets Who Touched Our Hearts."

The stories included in the book are all from local residents who submitted their happy tales, including three young students.

The kids all go to Golden Hills Elementary School and put their heart and soul into their individual stories.

Six-year-old Jasmine Candelaria says she enjoyed the experience.

"It felt really good because I like to write. Especially about animals."

Kitzmiller, who is also an author herself, wanted to ensure the book was positive and inspiring.

"The stories are supposed to be heartwarming, little stories that make people think, feel and maybe cry a little," she said.

Another student named Emily was also chosen. When I asked her how it felt to be a future published author, she said she was "excited!"

However, while the writing assignment was one part of the plan, Kitzmiller also used the opportunity to leave a lasting impression with the students.


"It's at this age when we need to teach kids to be kind to animals. This is the age they really learn that and they will carry those traits with them through life."

The third student, Gabriel Sipes, says his favorite part was knowing his work had a bigger purpose.

"People who buy the book give money to the people and they're going to help the animals who don't have a home."

Heather Gibson, the student's teacher, says she's noticed her students work has improved since the exercise and says she's honored her kids were chosen.

"When I had three of my kids get selected with six beautiful writing pieces, I was so thrilled and so proud of them."

For more information on "Have a Heart Humane Society," and to find out how you can submit your story or buy a copy of the book, go to :http://www.haveahearthumanesociety.org/

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