Have you tried cotton candy grapes? They took 10 years to make, are found right here in Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Have you tried them yet?

It's the special grape that has a lot of people talking, and it's grown right here in our own backyard.

They're called 'cotton candy' grapes and they are a new variety bred to tempt your taste buds, and make you feel like you're a kid at the circus.

Jack Pandol, founder of the Grapery Vineyard, says it took about 10 years before the grapes were ready to hit store shelves.

The cotton candy grapes went on sale last year, and they did not disappoint. They even made national headlines.

According to Grapery Vineyard, there's no grape quite like this one.

You can get 'cotton candy' grapes at four different locations in Bakersfield: Sully's on Ming Avenue, Sweet Surrender, Sequoia Sandwich and Sam's Club.

If you don't grab a box soon, you'll most likely have to wait for next year's crop.

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