Helicopter catches teen, stolen car near Lamont

Teen gets car stuck on I-5 on-ramp

LAMONT, Calif. -  

A Lamont teen was arrested after a high speed chase, according to police.

On March 21, at about 11:00 p.m., a deputy from the Sheriff’s Lamont Substation said he tried to stop the driver of a white 1995 Honda Civic for driving with a headlight out, on Main Street near DiGiorgio Rd.  The driver did not pull over, but sped away, according to officials. 

Deputies from the Lamont Substation said they chased after the car as it sped away. 

During the three minute pursuit, the driver failed to stop at four intersections, ignoring the stop lights and stop signs at those intersections.  The speed of the pursuit increased as it went on and reached a top speed of over 100 mph. 

Officials said the actions of the driver created a very unsafe condition for anyone sharing the road, and the deputies stopped their pursuit.  Just before they stopped, the deputies learned the vehicle was currently being reported stolen to the Arvin Police Department.

According to officials, the Sheriff’s helicopter arrived a few minutes later and found the stolen vehicle in a field near I-5 and Wheeler Ridge Rd, with its lights off.  Officials said the driver then turned the lights back on and drove across the field, through a barbed wire fence, and onto the on-ramp for I-5.  The driver then continued across and got the car stuck in the area between the on-ramp and the northbound lanes of the interstate, according to officials. 

The Lamont deputies and an officer from the California Highway Patrol quickly arrived, and they were able to detain the 17-year-old boy and his 18-year-old woman passenger. 

When the deputies checked the interior of the car, they said they found homemade tools commonly used to steal cars. 

The 17-year-old from Lamont, was arrested and booked into Juvenile Hall for felony evading a peace officer, possession of a stolen car, vandalism and possession of burglary tools. 

Officials said his passenger was released and was not charged with a crime.  The stolen vehicle was returned to the owner, officials said.

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