Stockdale High School sophomore gets perfect score on SAT

Alap Sahoo achieves a 2400 on SAT test

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The number 2400 is what high schoolers across the country aim for on their SATs, but so few actually achieve.

The test is made up of three parts, all worth 800 points.

A 2400 is extremely rare, but one local teen has proved it is not impossible.

"I'm not a super genius," said Alap Sahoo, who scored the 2400. "I won't say I' m not smart, I'm smart obviously, but you don't have to be a super genius. You just have to be willing to work."

This 14-year-old Stockdale High School sophomore has just achieved perfection. o

"I've taken practice tests, timed and graded and everything, but I've never taken a formal-it-counts SAT," said Sahoo. "This is my first time."

For Sahoo, practice for the SAT began in the 7th grade.

"The SAT isn't a test of intelligence, in my opinion, it's a test of reasoning, and reasoning you can get better at because its just like a game," said Sahoo. "If you go in saying, 'I have to practice and study hard,' you can slowly build your score up with a lot of practice."

During his three years of practice, Sahoo scored consistently above 2200, but only hit perfection once until he took the test that counted.

"It was 2 in the morning, because the scores were posted online, and my dad woke me up," said Sahoo. "It was just like, 'Yay, I got a 2400. Can I go back to sleep now?' After I woke up, it was like, 'Whoo hoo! I accomplished something powerful,' so I was proud of myself."

As for the future, like most 14 year-olds, Sahoo said he isn't sure exactly what it holds, only that he plans to continue aiming for perfection.

"I want to go to Stanford, but beyond that, I have absolutely no idea," said Sahoo. "I want to do something with math or science, but beyond that, it's a big world."

School officials said they commonly have students score a perfect 800 on one of the three sections that make up the SAT but it is very rare they see a perfect 2400.

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