Highway 58 gap closure project confusing drivers over new painted lines

Project to be completed in late 2014

The Highway 58 gap closure project promises to improve safety but some drivers argue it's actually causing more harm than good.


Drivers said the old painted lines are just as visible as the new ones on the freeway which causes confusion to many residents.


"It is a little frustrating," one driver said. "Especially at night because sometimes I'm not sure where the lining is until I get to where they've already fixed it."


Luis Topete, engineer for the project, said they work diligently to grind the old lanes off the road and paint new ones but it is not as easy as it looks.


"They see the old grindings and then they see new paint. People really should be following the paint," Topete said.


Officials said the time of day also affects visibility.


"Especially in the late afternoon when the sun is a certain height, it might be confusing," Topete said.


The city was awarded a construction contract for the project in August 2013 with the goal to add a third lane in each direction to the three mile stretch of the freeway between Highway 99 and Cottonwood road.


The project is expected to be completed in late 2014.

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