Historic building rediscovered in downtown Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - In the late 1800's Bakersfield was officially announced as a city, making it over a century old now. 

A recently rediscovered building in downtown Bakersfield is a perfect example of the city's historic preservation.

The building is on 18th and Chester and was built in 1910 as a bank. After suffering the earthquake of 1952 and a fire in 2002, the building was covered in stucco and abandoned until last week.

There's talk of restoring the building and making it a bank or a legal office, but most residents 23ABC spoke with want to see it as a social hotspot.

"It would be nice if it would be a restaurant, a coffee shop, but you never know," said Conrad Bucton.

The building has red brick interior, concrete exterior, 18 feet windows and is a surprisingly sturdy structure.

"It's shocking to know that a building of such classic appearance has been in the heart of our downtown and how many people knew?" said Kevin Bartl, Chairman for the Downtown Business Association.

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