Holding cells helping Bear Valley Police better deal with detainees

Jail cells improving police procedures

BEAR MOUNTAIN, Cali. - Holding cells designed on the east coast are making it easier for Bear Valley Police officers to deal with their detainees.

Officers at the Bear Valley Police Department are making use of their holding area which was recently updated to meet state standards.

"It made sense to us financially to fit our needs so, we took advantage of it," said Chief Rod Walthers of the Bear Valley Police Department.

Leaders looked at many options and decided on a company that would save the department money as well as cut down on mileage.

"Because of the geological location, I mean we're up in the mountains.  The county jail, we have two choices either going to Mojave or into Bakersfield," he said.

Once the two holding cells were brought in from New York, crews began to construct the new police headquarters around it.

The two holding cells allow people under arrest to be in a secured spot while officers complete the required police reports.

"It's difficult for us to do all the paper work with each arrestee and get them booked properly and transported properly," said Robert Howe, technician with the police department.

Inmates are held up to six hours with officers checking in on them every thirty minutes.  

"We're not required as a temporary holding facility to feed people, however I have meals here and if it occurs that they haven't eaten in a while, and its lunch time, I'll go ahead and provide them something to eat,” said Howe.

The facility was built in 2001 and is currently being remodeled.

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