Holocaust survivor visits Bakersfield to help people learn about history

Days of Remembrance takes place at CSUB

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Many people around the community are taking part in Days of Remembrance on the campus of CSUB.  The program is a lesson on the issues surrounding the Holocaust.

The Holocaust Education Network of Kern County is educating people on genocide and giving them a better understanding of the struggles experienced by a survivor of such a traumatic event in history

At the age of 11, Dorothy Greenstein had no choice but to live under a different name because if people knew she was Jewish

“They would take me to the Nazis and I would be killed,” said Greenstein.

Now 82, she’s re-living her past.  Greenstein is sharing her story of going in and out of ghettos in Poland, posing, as a non-Jew to bring her loved ones food to keep them alive.

“Hope kept us alive that tomorrow will be better.  And that’s why if a day was bad, tomorrow will be better.  If the night were bad, the next night would be better.  Hope is a very important thing and to be alive is more important than anything else,” she said.

Greenstein speaks to many groups about her experiences and hopes people walk away with a little hope, faith and humanity.

“It gives me the prospective of a survivor, what they went through, how they overcame the obstacles that they experienced and i find it inspiring for me as a student,” said Daniel Rodela, student at CSUB.

Several people brought their children to listen to Greenstein’s story in the hopes of inspiring them for the future.

“I wanted them to learn what happened in history and how we can learn from it and how we can be better citizens today,” he said.

Greenstein’s story of survival is an important lesson, people say can help overcome current tragedies that are experienced around the world every day.

“Especially in the times that we find ourselves today.  In the United States of American, where hate has clearly not been clear from the universe, it’s imperative and timely that her event is taking place this week, even more than last week,” said Rabi Shamuel Schlanger of Bakersfield.

Greenstein volunteers at the museum of tolerance in L.A.  She currently lives in West Hollywood and this is her second time speaking at Cal State.


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