Homeless census results show hope for homeless with a 20% decrease in overall homelessness

Census shows 20% decrease in homelessness

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - This year's homeless census results are in and it's showing some promising signs.

The Kern County Homeless Collaborative conducted the census last month and found there's a 20 percent decrease.

And while there are 300 fewer people are on the streets on any given night, there are still about 1200 people who are homeless each night.

The census also found a drop in the number of veterans who are homeless, that number is down 22 percent.

There are also 32% fewer unsheltered homeless in the metro Bakersfield.

It's not all good news.

The number of homeless living in the Eastern part of the county went up by 100%.

The homeless collaborative says a couple reasons for the drop in homelessness are extensive outreach and countless homeless assistance services.

"You can't just house them. You have to provide an intensive level of services to them to help them remain housed and remain stable," said Louis Medina of the Kern County Homeless Collaborative.

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