Honor Roll student at Actis Junior High told to remove hair color

Student allowed back to school

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - An honor roll student is headed back to class Thursday morning with her burgundy highlights after she was told she wouldn't be able to return to school, if she didn't change her hair color.

Cynthia Stewart Johnson said her daughter Kiria came home from school on Monday and said the Vice-Principal of Actis Junior High told her the color in her hair violated district policy.

Recently, Kiria had burgundy put in her hair.

Her mom said she put the dark highlights because it matched her natural hair color better than blonde or red--colors the school said is acceptable because they are natural hair colors and do not district from the learning process.

If the burgundy is not removed by Monday, Stewart-Johnson said her daughter was told by officials that she would not be allowed back.

On Wednesday, the mother said the principal had called her and told her Kiara's hair color was fine and she would be allowed to stay in school. 

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