Houchin Community Blood Center begins to move into new office space

New building will be located at 11515 Bolthouse


Workers with the Houchin Community Blood Bank are getting ready for a big move they say will start this weekend and last for the next several weeks.

The center was closed Saturday and all donors were asked to come in early this week to help keep inventory up while staff members packed.

There are a lot of memories Randy Greenlee is leaving behind.

"It's a sad moment, but an exciting moment," he said.

Greenlee has spent the last 27 years working for Houchin Community Blood Bank.

"It’s nice to see us advancing and moving forward, looking for new opportunities, but at the same time sad. We've been here a long time," said Greenlee.

The blood bank's downtown locations on G and H Street are relocating to the new Bolthouse Donor Center.

"It's definitely bitter sweet.  I'm very excited about the new facility and the chance for growth, but I can't help, but to think of some of the memories I have from this facility, some of the people I’ve worked with and especially the donors," said Amanda Mason with the center.

Leaders with the center are re-locating various offices in stages over the next four weeks. It's a move they say takes a lot of planning and manpower.

"I’ve seen a lot of changes in the time that I’ve been here, just a different way of doing things, new electronic and technical needs that are going to be served better by a new facility," said Mason.

The center's information technology has already relocated and this weekend, the departments of manufacturing, quality assurance, distribution and the laboratory are moving to the new building.

"The operations that were here, were mainly manufacturing and laboratory so there's going to be much more space, more up-to-date equipment, walk-in refrigerators and freezers to facilitate and improve storage of the products," she said.

Leaders with the center plan to start operating from their new location on February 11th.         

It's import to note that the blood center's Truxtun Avenue location will be open during the move.

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