How to prepare for an earthquake or other disaster

Suggestions from the Red Cross

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Some people in Kern County are worried an earthquake is around the corner.

"I do overstock food and we have generators and we have portable radios and water," Sandra Aguirre said.

Others do not share the concern, saying it's just what the earth does.

After the US Geological Survey reported a 6.0 earthquake four hours north in Napa, people were shocked.

"Me and my mom were looking at the pictures online, it was crazy," Kadence Doverspike said

Now they're taking a second look at earthquake preparedness. One man in Lamont was woken up by his phone's earthquake application this morning.

"I couldn't sleep because I was like you know what, I should be prepared," Robert Valazquez said.

To get prepared 23ABC talked with the Red Cross about how to protect yourself and your home.

"Make sure all heavy furniture, shelves and things like that are bolted to the walls, make sure you put any heavy items on bottom shelves, don't put anything heavy over your bed, so nothing falls on you," Amy Mayer, Volunteer Coordinator with the Red Cross said.

If an earthquake does hit, Mayer says to do what you were taught in school, go under a large sturdy table or desk, cover your head and neck, hold on and move with the furniture.

Other ways to prepare are to download an earthquake application and keep a written list of emergency contacts.

If you have questions regarding disaster preparedness, you can contact the Kern County Red Cross. They also offer free information sessions.

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