Gun vendors see spike in gun sales after Obama re-election

Some say Mr. Obama's anti-gun stance to blame

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Bakersfield gun store owners say they're seeing a spike in sales -- thanks in part to President Obama.

The night before the election, Bear Mountain Sports owner Gene Thome says he was busy preparing for what was sure to be a busy day selling guns. Since the president's re-election, Thome says his sales have doubled and he continues to get new gun shipments nearly every day.

"Certain times of the day, we can't field all the calls because people think we're closed cause the phone keeps ringing and ringing," said Thome.

The gun-buying spree is something the gun store owner says he's seen before -- exactly four years ago. With President Obama back in the White House, gun sales all over the nation have seen a dramatic increase. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, background checks for firearms shot up 18.4% in October.

Although the president has not released any official word on restricting gun laws, Thome suggests buying up firearms before restrictions take place. 

"During the second debate, Mr. Obama had said he was going to try to reinstate the assault weapon ban and I think people are starting to take him seriously," said Thome.

Despite the booming business, gun owner Lekendrick Ellis says he doesn't think Mr. Obama's second term will lead to the elimination of gun rights.

"I don't feel like Obama will take our second amendment rights away from us as far as being able to have a gun," said Ellis.

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