Hundreds of Christmas gifts for nursing home patients were stolen in Delano

DELANO, Calif. - Hundreds of elderly people in Delano may go without a gift this Christmas after burglars stole their presents.

The Cinco De Mayo Incorporated building in Delano held thousands of dollars worth of gifts for local elderly patients.

Cinco De Mayo Inc holds fundraisers throughout the year to pay for the gifts.

It’s called the Cinco Santa program.

"It just brings a lot of cheer, you know, giving to the elderly less fortunate," said Nora Perez of Cinco de Mayo Inc.

Sometime Monday or Tuesday night, thieves pried open the door and took $2,700 worth of gifts the group had bought and planed to deliver to nursing home patients.

"A very big Grinch that stole Christmas for over 300 people," Perez said.

The gifts that were taken weren't anything fancy but they would have brightened the lives of these patients.

"Sweats, sweatshirts, CDs, a boom box for people to listen to their CDs," Perez said.

"They provide us with a Christmas gift some of us don’t have family," said Jenny Vasquez, a patient at Delano Skilled Nursing Home.

Now the group has no gifts and no money to buy more.

"I think they don’t have a heart at all to have done something terrible like this," Vasquez said.

The group has had to cancel its scheduled visits to the homes.

They hope they can replace at least some of the gifts before Christmas.

"I know a lot of those residents this is the only gift they get once a year," Perez said.

If you would like to help, call Leticia Quiddam, President of Cinco De Mayo Inc. at 661-619-2777.

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