Hundreds of People experience the Monster X Tour

Monster X Tour visits Bakersfield


Monster trucks rolled into downtown Bakersfield and it’s all part of a tour that showcases some of the most famous of motor sports shows in the country.


The stadium was filled with not just monster trucks, but dirt bikes operated by brave riders with extreme moves you may not want to try at home. 


Aaron Good is getting a chance to enjoy the Monster X Tour with his three-year old nephew, Fabian.


It's the first time they're experiencing the show.


"It's actually pretty cool being here and he's actually pretty excited being here," said Good.


Six monster trucks, each weighing about 10,000 pounds crush through center stage giving audience members a very loud look at

what these powerful vehicles can do.


"It is Monster X," screamed fan, Jake Mayfield.  


The tour brings these massive trucks up close and personal.


“I'm expecting to see crashes, broken stuff and a lot of stuff," said Mayfield.


The show didn't seem to disappoint the many people who bought tickets weeks in advance. 


"Just the fact that their size and they flip and go crazy,” said Christian Banuelos of Bakersfield.


The monster jam trucks also feature extreme riders who fly over head showing off their skills. 


"They love dirt bikes and monster trucks, just to go watch them tear it up," said Ryan Wright, who came with his sons.


Although monster trucks are famous mainly in North America, promoters say the tour visit almost every major city in the U.S., Canada, and Europe and it continues to bring families together.


The Monster X Tour continues this weekend at the Rabobank Arena.

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