Immigration reform activists hold three rallies in less than a month

McCarthy works to meet with immigration activists

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - "I'll meet with them, I'll have meetings and they still protest".

In the past few weeks local immigration reform activists have picketed outside Congressman Kevin McCarthy's office in Southwest Bakersfield.

McCarthy spoke with 23ABC who said he has been working overtime behind closed doors to get a deal crafted.

"I understand people have different passions and that's the democracy we live in. So, I meet with each and every person because I like to look at all views and I'm not afraid to talk about the issue because I want to make sure the problem gets solved once and for all", McCarthy said.

With the House and Senate locked in a stalemate over immigration reform, local activist Dolores Huerta has been leading the rallies outside the majority whip's office.

23ABC reached out to The Dolores Huerta Foundation Monday morning for comment but no calls were returned.

McCarthy says he wants to craft a balanced bill that leads to immigration reform, but doesn't reward people for entering the country illegally.

McCarthy explained, "we're a country of immigrants but we're also a country of law abiding citizens. We want to make sure we deal with both at the same time".

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