Impersonator continuously creating fake Facebook profiles of a well known Bakersfield pastor

Impersonator asks for money from his followers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Ron Vietti, a senior pastor of Valley Bible Church, is having issues with a Facebook impersonator who asks for money from his followers. 

"The fact is that we have an impostor, and he has been coming on here for the past few months a lot," said Vietti. 

The impersonator has set up several fake facebook profiles using Vietti's information and pictures. Ultimately, he asks Vietti's followers for money for an "African orphanage."

According to Vietti, "he prays good prayers with people, but in the end, when he spiritually shmoozes them, and asks them for money."

Vietti has reported the issue to Facebook every single time, and the fake profile gets taken down within a day; but within a couple of days, a new profile gets created. 

"I just don't want people taken, I would never ask for money,"  explained Vietti.

To the impostor, Vietti also has sent a clear message by telling him to "stop while you are ahead."


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