In Bakersfield, families are already camping out for deals

Shoppers lining up for doorbuster deals

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It's a scene all too familiar this time of year--those die hard shoppers staking out a place in line--days before retailers open their doors-- all those Black Friday deals just so, so enticing.

"The T.V. -- that's probably the biggest savings that you get here," said Rene Castaneda, who is camping outside of Best Buy. "There are also tablets, there's a camera, so we want to take a look at everything. but the T.V. is our main focus."

In order to score a good deal, there are a few things those camped outside of Best Buy on Rosedale Highway said you need. Focus is one of those Castenada said is all part of the Black Friday game.

"It's my wife's idea," said Castenada. "So now she sticks me here at night to save her spot."

Commitment is also a necessary part of any good stake out.

"We have a blue print of the store," Castenada said laughing. "No we have been inside and have seen where everything is."

Strategy is the only way to make sure the plan of attack works.

"I work during the day so I don't have time to be out here, so (my wife) comes out," said Castenada. "We basically have different shifts."

It all adds up to a game plan some just don't understand.

"This is not for me," said Moreno Francisco, who walked by those camping. "I'm not going to be (out here) 2-3 days sleeping in the cold just to get a good deal."

While it doesn't make sense to a lot of people, this is one design the five families camping out all swear by.

"Everyone thinks we are nuts, but you know what, they just emailed us saying, 'You know what, we might be going down there and seeing you guys," said Castenada. "All of a sudden we went from the looney family to the ones everyone wants tot talk to."


Retailers like Best Buy open at 12 a.m. on Friday. Others stores like Walmart open at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving.
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