Increase in blue recycle bin thefts in Kern County

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Recycling bin thefts are on the rise in certain parts of the county.

"Very recently within the last couple of weeks, we have noticed an increase in the number of containers being taken from peoples' residents," said Jacob Panero from Varner Brothers Inc.

Varner Brothers says the blue bins are more of a target, but the green and brown ones have also been taken.

Jessie Bower had her blue bin taken just a few days after it was originally dropped off.

"It stayed there for two or three days, then it was gone, somebody stole it," said Bower.

A lot of recycling centers throughout town say that when people go through neighborhoods looking for bottles and cans, sometimes they will take somebody's blue bin to use and transport to the recycling center. After they get their cash for the bottles and cans, they will leave the blue bin behind.

In most cases, the bins can be traced back to the owner through the bar code.

If any of your trash bins have been stolen, you can contact your provider and get it replaced the first time for free. After the first time, there will be a fee.

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