Independence High to be awarded grant by PG&E

School's FAST program is receiving $2,500

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Falcon Autistic Solar Team, otherwise known as FAST, is the latest of Kern County schools to be receving a grant. This time, from the Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Independence High school in Southwest Bakersfield will be receiving a $2,500 grant from PG&E to explore the possibilities of hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative energy source.

Officials from PG&E will be on hand at IHS on Tuesday, March 11 to present the "Bright Ideas" grant at 1 p.m.

The grant will allow students at Independence High to explore scientific concepts such as hydrogen as fuel, electrolysis and solar power.

"By awarding these 'Bright Ideas' grants to accomplished programs," said Katie Allen, PG&E's corporate relations representative for Kern County, "PG&E is creating opportunities for today's students to reach their full potential tomorrow."

 Independence High School teacher Kevin Crosby expressed particular appreciation for PG&E's 'Bright Ideas' grant.

"We're excited about extending our student's understanding of alternative energy source[s]," he said.

The FAST program was created in 2010 for higher functioning Autism students to help peer-tutor students at other schools about how a solar panel energy takes energy from the sun and converts into electricity. 




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