Insect Lore's Bugseum is closed

SHAFTER, Calif. - Insect Lore's Bugseum in Shafter closed their doors unexpectedly yesterday.

The Bugseum has been a staple in Shafter for more than four decades and provided insects like butterflies to schools so students can watch nature in action.

The Bugseum has a number of displays surrounding their retail space.

It began as a butterfly garden but now includes ladybugs and giant ant farms just to name a few.

The owners say kids learn about nature without even knowing it.

Insect Lore was founded in 1969 by Carlos White who was an entomologist. He had the idea of creating a kit where people could witness the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

23ABC tried reaching out to the business, but was unable to get a comment. However, sources say they are relocating to Texas. The warehouse and business-side of the company will remain in town for about another year.

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